Реабилитация зависимых 14 300 руб. Курсовая реабилитация (дополнительная встреча 1ч. 30 мин. )
Henri Moissan obtains fluoride in his laboratory at the School of Pharmacy in Paris (“Science and Life” No. 10, 2019)
How fluoride affects teeth: Harm and benefits of fluoride for teeth
Fluorine Atomic number 9 Appearance of the element Fluorine in a container Pale yellow gas, extremely
Wisdom teeth
Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth before getting braces?
Braces are a common method of correcting malocclusion and are suitable for children and adults. Before installation
Healthy balanced diet
State budgetary healthcare institution “Dental clinic No. 1 in Magnitogorsk”
What role does a proper diet play in preventing tooth decay? A healthy balanced diet is an important factor
Accelerated rehabilitation after dental operations
For patient comfort, dental extractions and some types of dental treatment are performed under anesthesia. This allows
how to whiten teeth
Methods of harmless teeth whitening in dentistry
One of the most popular services in cosmetic dentistry today is teeth whitening. Neither
The tooth under the filling hurts - the filling is too high
After treatment of pulpitis, the tooth hurts when pressed. What you need to know about it
Causes of pain After pulpitis, a tooth hurts for several reasons - tissue damage,
High-precision one-stage diagnostic impressions made of C-silicone
Properties of impression materials When choosing an impression material, attention is paid to its fluidity, ease of
Biao Bang paste
5 best toothpastes from AliExpress according to dentists
Most modern toothpastes sold in stores do not contain natural ingredients. In pursuit
how dentures are attached picture
Helpful tips for patients with removable dentures
For people who use dentures, the most important factor is the quality of their fixation in the cavity.
Colgate mouthwash: purpose, composition, instructions for use, advantages of use and customer reviews
October 19, 2018 Other preparations Chernaya Natalya Today, without rinses, it is impossible to imagine a full-fledged
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